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Out Of My Role (again)
Blumi ft. Kayl

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Should I just decide to pick the phone
Or be the one to carry on
I’m wise enough to know
I might go, I deserve more
Should I raise my head or just confess
That I’m stuck into this mess
I’m willing to be strong
But I’m falling out of my role
I damn myself till the sky turns in ceiling
When I realize you’re really out of my door
So, just erase and rewind
It’s not a crime to survive
We’re right on time to stop before we tear up our lives.

How could it be?
I watched you cheating on me
Must have been blind to fall off the shore, out my role
And up to here it’s insane
To keep on playing the game we’re playing
I’ll turn my back and try to get something more.

I should have been more careful to myself
And fall in love with someone else
Here is my big regret
Since I’ve been loving you and you’ve been loving me back
Write you a letter, then deny what I’m feeling
Giving some answer that I can’t just believe in
And then I walk these streets like I’m free, like your name
Is just a big mistake to forgive, to delete
Can’t just erase and rewind
Sometimes surviving’s a crime
We’re right on time to start until we tear up our lives.

How could it be?
It’s just two days since you leave
And I can’t wait to fall off the shore, out my role
And yes, it seems to make sense
To keep on playing the game we’re playing
Come back home, let’s try to get something more.


Sogni da Variety, notte da protagonisti incauti
giochi di sguardi, ci riempio i piatti
il destino è un croupier disegnato a tratti
ventuno i grammi persi nei suoi occhi
killing me softly, il soul mi consuma
su di lei settimo cielo oltre la cima
scena d'avorio pelle, ribelle il repertorio, scende
col sole il sipario la mattina, da
tratti di china ho la coscienza sporca, ho
letto lettere, non ho dato risposta, so
che non la lavi, l'amore ci fa schiavi
e la passione uccide come snuff movies
scappo da tutto questo scarto
una vita, fiori il piatto: noi, beh, troppi dolori
regina di cuori persa tra note e mani vuote
la mia scala colore se la vita è un poker.


You claim my all and I give even more
When I try to be someone without you
It’s like I roam and roam waiting for you just to bring me home
Cause we break up to make up again
Then I wake up to see you’re not there.

(I watched you cheating on me, why?
It’s so damn hard to be free, why?
I feel like something’s out there just for me
and no way I can reach it
It’s been a while since you leave, now
and I regret everything now
and I forget the revenge and it’s strange
that you won’t be the same, then)

Out Of My Role (again) — Blumi ft. Kayl
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