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In The Building
Grand Agent ft. Liv l' Range

♥ 899

In the Building

Grand Agent
He's in the building
God Allah
He's in the building
Get Acquainted
He's in the building
Go Ape Shit
He's in the building

window to the wall and all that y'all
okay player, I'ma make that call
most def, I ref the whole set
since I'm one of the last official
it's all copaset(ic), no this ain't government issue
it's GA, the discovery channel from PA
be regular, I'm still the funky editor, known sexual predator
I cuts deep, what freak? you ain't see nobody creepin' with me
actin' indecent with G, won't catch me at the precint for nothing
I be on Summit 'tween Griffith and Hutton
up in the crib, up in the lab, up in the booth
only dip out to hit the ATM and snatch loot
maybe grab some food, that's that dude

Chrous (2x)

yeah, I got your review right here hangin'
you nowhere near knowin' what's near bangin'
don't mosy over here with that queer language
beef you be havin' nowhere near Angus
braggadocio that's the centerpiece
every act tryin' to eat call him dinner thief
control freak when it come to flow
let it stroll off the beaten path though
laugh at summer snow, I dare ya
too revelation-related, I scare ya
a business savvy artist is like, how should I say it?
they wanna see him hemmed, had with the quickness
I pump the gas, place ads with the difference
and that's the difference between paydirt and dirt pay
Jesus' birthday and Christmas

Chorus (Repeat infinitely)

In The Building — Grand Agent ft. Liv l' Range

Inserito da keepitterron

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