13k+ testi hip hop italiani.

Melma E Merda

♥ 1894

so many glances are staring at me
no many chances
i'm fooling again in any kind of bad
circumstances i jump out of my skin
and fall out through the ceiling
i watch my body land on the floor
my nose is bleeding
but i try to control this pain from growing insane
my eyes at the back of my head
i see my brain, i swear i'm cold as ice
i hope my breath can stop
my body from shivering not scared to die
i hear somebody calling me from another dimension
i open the door, blood on the floor, flesh on the walls
across there was the door
before it's too late, i hear somebody tellin' me,
i cannot change my fate
so i turn around and see the devil stand right in front of me,
he's got my heart in his white hand, he's laughing at me
"yo sean, the show is over now i come to take your soul"
i say "what?"
"there's no looking back, be ready to go"
i start screaming
that's when i wake up in my bed sheets,
when i thank the Lord i'm not dead, i was just dreaming
i rush into the bathroom, i wash my face, look in the mirror,
i open my mouth and see my theet all out of place,
i lose balance, collapse unconcious on the floor,
i knock my chin against the base, now i break my jaw
i won't back again, that's the end and what else can i tell,
there's no return i think i fall in the hell.

i'm sick hell, smashed ??? i can't get out alive,
i can't breathe
i sang into the other side
i fell dead
?? off hell, i can't move
i crash into a pond of blood
i'm paralyzed.

da turbohomie
from http://hatingline.splinder.com
corretto da raptxt.it

Introdrama — Melma E Merda
inserito da turbohomie

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