13k+ testi hip hop italiani.

Trilogia del tatami
Merda & Melma

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A war must be developed with all possible means moved at the same time.
You can't afford to be absent minded, or blind.
Non violent actions are more important than military actions.
Rule number one: concentrate, no distractions!

Things have to create sufficient conditions to guarantee a victory,
in order to destroy your enemy (rule number two).
Be quick in your decisions, heartless in attack,
Be aware of the unexpected, cover your back in order to be protected.

??? invisible, inaudible, untouchable
Grasp at enemies' destiny, learn to control your energy,
don't run after your enemy, try to feint a flight.
Don't come to an agreement, while insist to fight, don't believe the hype.
(Number three!) Proposals for peace not accompained by a (Shun Tzu diceva "swarn covenant") indicate a snare
Rule number four consists of always being aware
Respect the guards but never pray them, remember
rule number five you can't stop defeat don't even ??? them
(Number six) The courage of war is based on deceit, not sufficient reflection means certain defeat.

The psychological damage, no war is the most important
expect to be reflection, mediation before your action
(Seven, seven) The supreme excellence not consist in winning a battle but in bending your enemy without casualties in a war
(Nine) Use your enemies strengths to increase your own power,
Number ten is your victory at the enemies' last hour.

Trilogia del tatami — Merda & Melma

Inserito da Marco Infussi

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