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City Life
Sdc Posse & Sacred Round

♥ 1236

09. City Life 4'35"
©2002 Music: Christopher S. Perri
Lyrics: Christopher S. Perri, Julia B. Moreno
Vocal Melody: Julia B. Moreno

City life is full of all sorts of spirits and stories
Varied in time and emotion,
Families grow while many fall through the cracks.

Verse 1:
Marie, a mother of five tries to make ends meet as
best she can.
She must choose between food and heat or whether a
child has shoes on her feet.
Each day she asks “why”
Isn’t this the richest nation on the earth
why must I decide?
Isn’t life worth more than this?

Verse 2:
James is caught in the game of spare change and
His family doesn't know where he is
but he's content on the corner.
Each day he asks for quarters and bills
when will he decide that his life is worth more than
that his life, is worth more than this

Verse 3 (bridge line)
Mrs. Smih lives in the same house
In which she was born.
More than three generations later, she’s a leader in
the neighborhood.
She’s helped raise the kids good
and created a community
Each day she asks god for continued unity.

City Life — Sdc Posse & Sacred Round

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