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Do What We Like
Sdc Posse & Sacred Round

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07. Do what we like 2'55"
Lyrics: Oaxerai and Ziplok
Beat: Adriano & Backo

It’s the music the melodies my tendency to write/ on them
These words broken into syllables and my ability to fit/them into spaces
that takes this artform to places it’s never been /before
I need more beats that are that’ll melt your stereo
I fiend for the cream of the crop to drop my lyrics on
I used to dream about blowing up the spot so I’d attack a song
Like a martial arts instructor or a conductor of a symphony
Simp-a-lee to master my craft to be the illest emcee
That you would not forget when my microphone checks
To get the crowds respect to blow up the dj’s decks
Next thing I know I gotta a flow that’s considered/ lava
Everytime I spit the crowd holds it’s breath like they need binaca
Not alotta shit’s changed since I first picked up a pen
Everybody knows I’m nice everybody knows I can
Inflate at any second now the question is when
it shouldn’t be too long now that we’re back in the game again

hook (x2)

I rip the mic do what I like because I love hip hop.
I grip it tight and rock it right and no I will not stop.
I got so much passion I can hardly contain.
And when I’m rhyming on stage it’s like I’m on another plane.
Indeed my soul bleeds through these mantras and chants
and it really feels good when I’m watching yall dance.
I stand a proud man, Italian-american
And I got fans that care everywhere I’ve been.
From here to Peru and all the way to Japan.
From coast to coast and all across the land.
People understand like my man Adriano.
SDC Posse il crew italiano.
Hanno fatto questo ritmo inother words they mad this beat.
Add some rhymes from D.O.D. now the formula’s complete.
Philasoph and Ziplok rockin tracks like it’s nothing.
Doing what we love, we’re always doing something

Do What We Like — Sdc Posse & Sacred Round
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