13k+ testi hip hop italiani.

Sdc Posse & Sacred Round ft. Bako

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8. Infatuation ft. Backo 3'25"
Lyirics: Backo, Oaxerai, Ziplok

I don’t know If I’m strong enough to deal with these thugs
Hip-hop’s gotten to be a mockery of the art form that I love
And really it feels silly to associate myself with
The sell drugs and pimp bitches myth it’s become
A sitcom taped in front of a live studio audience
A hit and run crime scene with no eye witnesses
I’m sick of this bullshit that they sell to the kids
Cause it’s damaging to our future like cigarettes is
So I’m testifying that currently the artform is dying/ from cancer
In a hospital bed while the family sits around crying
Mourning the loss while still paying the cost
Of the medical bills and the funeral service lets be honest
it’s become a circus a wandering vagabond without/ purpose
a murderous villain preying upon the innocent
this is the symbolic two shots to blast holes through you assholes/
this is the rising tide to wash away your sand castles
this is me juggling the fire that you were scared to play with
this me not holding my tongue or being scared to say it
that we’re all tired of your image and your gimmicks so hold your bling
cause we’re taking it back to the old school like a roller skating rink

rit. (x2)

It’s lasted so long this thing for making songs.
It keeps going strong so I know it can’t be wrong.
All along I had suspicion that music was my mission.
For a minute I didn’t listen but I knew something was missing.
Then I had a vision. I started wishing to make it happen.
I wanted to make a change and I would use my knack for rapping.
Back in the day people always used to say,
“that rap shit ain’t gonna last” but now what’s come to pass?
It’s the top of the class and plastered with wackness.
So many cats disgrace it that the simple fact is
I almost lost interest and put my pen to rest
But I couldn’t shake this feeling found deep inside my chest.
I had to manifest and express my inner thoughts.
Even if my style wasn’t likely to get bought.
Cause I’m caught in this game, it’s more than infatuation.
Forget about fame I want to skip this graduation…

rit. (x2)

E' un fenomeno unico so che non potrei spiegarlo
Lui è lo Zio Backo a Spinte, che fà? Subentra a Carlo
Stroncarlo? Davvero io non ci riesco
Che ha il cuore Caldo e l'Amore per l'hip hop che porta il fresco
(Uuh!) La nostra storia ormai dura da tanto
Il tuo cuore batte in 4/4 e guai a stare in ritardo
Basta un tuo sguardo e la gente alza le mani
Gli infoiati fischiano non li consideri villani
E no, niente gelosia, sto rapporto è su altri piani
Non ti concedi a chicchessia ma ci mandi i tuoi richiami
Tu, scegli i nostri nomi e poi ci dai una famiglia
Unisci i nostri intenti anche a migliaia di miglia
Hai qualche anno in più di meno ma non è questo il problema
Insieme a te per la vita sarà una vita Serena
Pensavo da stronzo fosse solo una cotta
Mi dai la Voce e la Fotta... uuh... che Botta!

Infatuation — Sdc Posse & Sacred Round ft. Bako

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