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Mysticoreflection (Puresonation)
Sdc Posse & Sacred Round ft. screamer

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Mysticoreflection (Puresonation) 3'49"
Lyrics: Oaxerai - Beat by Screamer

Every morning I go through an awakening. Begin again by taking in a breath
of life. Give thanks to great spirit for the light of sun then enter
meditation until I come to resolution or resonation. Emanating tones of ohm
vibration. Identify our placement in the ancient Mayan calender. Allow the
liquid form of nourishment to purify my physical temple. Provide mental
clarity through herbal remedies just like gingko biloba. I do some yoga so I
can go the distance. This is my existence within the fences of the earth
forest. Natural time keeper. When I hear the beats alchemizing like juice
I’m not surprised how sweet it gets. Mysticoreflection. Puresonation.

Arisen a reflection of the core. Resonating mystic powers pure. Galactic
portals activate a mystic doorway to the core. Reflection resonates an open
channel flowing pure…

I find my solitude in sleep and keep a journal of my actions. Push back
distractions by relaxing deep into the black abyss. Eternal gratitude and
bliss. Listen close to the mystic moon eclipsing. Vernal equinox predicting
future. Being present in the moment. Reducing toxic dosage. Showing most the
message of the next generation. I come with veneration or respect. Hermetic
architect airtight with righteousness. Humble soldier. Unsung how I begun my
mission of transcendence. I’m sending this from afar a starseed traveler,
weilder of lyrical gravity. I’d rather be saying something that’s relevant
or better yet heaven sent like inclement weather. The querent is whoever
asks the question. Mysticoreflection. Puresonation.

Mysticoreflection (Puresonation) — Sdc Posse & Sacred Round ft. screamer
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