13k+ testi hip hop italiani.

Nascosto Sottoterra

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[Strofa: Strippo]
I've never been too good at living I've always felt bad
and if I had the chance I would never get up from bed
hip hop ain't dead it's just buried underground
and if you close your mouth than you will hear its sound
but people like shit, look at the top of the charts
pop songs suck they sound like farts
but if you only care about fame
then listen to that shit, I prefer the sound of rain
music saved me from going insane
it helps the pain, cultivates the brain
'cause I'm feeling anger and frustration
I just want to get rid of this situation
People ask me how I'm doing, I say fine
'cause I can't tell them why, I feel bad in one line
they never understand what I'm trying to say
so I put my headphones on and just fade away

[Ritornello: Strippo]
Music is the best thing, in the whole world
it's better than sex, it's better than love,
it's better than dope, it's better than drugs
it helps you and doesn't want anything back at all
music is the best thing ever
it will never let you down and will just make you clever
ma ricorda non fermarti all'apparenza
perché il petrolio sta nascosto sottoterra.

Nascosto Sottoterra — Strippo

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